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 13 Weeks: The World Trade Center13pt

Week Ten: November 13-19

New cup design

Baxter & Canal
Cortlandt Alley

With so many flags around, it’s inevitable that many will be thrown away.

Marlboro. Country.

Deli and billboard displays will end, some sooner than others.

Star-spangled hydrant
Sidewalk in Kearny, NJ

But other reminders will be with us for a while.

The fine print

Ten Dollars

Twenty Dollars
Red, white, and rhinestone

By now the souvenirs for sale on Canal Street have gone through several iterations. Most are designed in the U.S. and manufactured overseas.

The all-inclusive FDNYPD

Weekends are always busiest on Canal Street. The hand-knit sweaters and hats for sale outside my door are replaced with more patriotic designs.

Military dress

Nancy Whiskey

Thanksgiving approaches

Nor the soles of her shoe?

Reminders can be found anywhere. Tacked up in a bar, taped to windows, well-lit in store fronts.

Some clearly took a lot of time to make.

Emergency vehicles

245th Anniversary Saint Andrew’s Day Banquet, Waldorf-Astoria

2 Jonathans

Fall is always benefit season in New York, though this year it feels a little more intense.

Raffle to benefit the Twin Towers Fund

Saturday night I go Scottish country dancing with some high-school friends at a benefit in Midtown, then head down to Tribeca to catch the final night of fund-raising at my local bar.