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 13 Weeks: The World Trade Center13pt

Week Seven: October 23-29

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Love for sale

Week 7 brings sales, sales, sales. Retailers fear a grim holiday season.

God Bless America

Farmer’s Market, Union Square
Whoever took our flag...

Halloween approaches, creeping in between the flags.


Union Square

An accidental scaffold collapse near Union Square kills 4 workers and injures 14. There are some sighs of relief from the Farmer’s Market when onlookers hear what happened—many still equate multiple sirens with terrorism.

Xpecting to get in

Bryant Park

Bill Gates launches Windows XP in Bryant Park amid heightened security: no bags, no cameras, photo ID please.

Sting opens with An Englishman in New York.

Day traitors?

Not the answer

The other terrorists

Both want war

Farther south, the East Village hosts a mixed campaign of posters and stickers: commercial, political, protest, cryptic.

Bar codes
Essential Liberty

Mourn war

A good adhesive is essential for longevity; many controversial posters are torn down as soon as they are put up.

48 over neon
Paint over 50

Other neighborhoods memorialize in their own ways; in the Village, peace flags. In Chelsea, NYPD snow globes and patriotic club gear.

Support our troops
Marilyn looks on

44th St & 8th Ave

“Going to ground zero around heroes”

NYC from the deck of the Intrepid
Iwo Jima

Midtown, the message is simple and serial: United we stand.

On the way to the Intrepid Museum, I stumble upon the same overcome fireman statue I’d seen on Day 8, still waiting to be delivered to Ground Zero.

The WWII aircraft carrier Intrepid

Empire State Building

Valid ID

Bryant Park

From the top of the Empire State Building, the “Capitol of the Capital of the World,” you can see 4 states.

Other bars he lays before me
Old Glory

East: Queens & Brooklyn
North: Rockefeller Center, the Chrysler Building, the U.N., etc.

South: the Flatiron Building and lower Manhattan

West: Madison Square Garden & One Penn Plaza

The floodlights will burn red, white, and blue until December.

They made a monkey out of old King Kong
Only $49.99

The gift shop still sells WTC snow globes.

Lower Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island & New Jersey