13 Days 13 Weeks 13 Months
 13 Weeks: The World Trade Center13pt

Week Three: September 25 -October 1


NO cameras
Blocks and blocks of bottled water

Supplies still stream into the city: crates of fresh water, clothing, equipment, cigarettes for the workers.

The mayor puts a ban on photographs of Ground Zero.

Church & Canal
West Broadway

The work continues, though hopes of finding survivors gradually fade.

Engine 14, Union Square
Engine 14

Engine 55, Chinatown

Between the lines

Firehouses accumulate cards, candles, flowers and donations. Some firehouses receive so much money that they file for tax-exempt status.

Grand Central Station
“Closed for several years”

Arrows for emphasis

The skyline is still unbelievable.

Subway maps change five times in the first two weeks.

Public opinions about the mayoral election change almost as often.

From the Williamsburg Bridge