13 Days 13 Weeks 13 Months
 13 Weeks: The World Trade Center13pt

Week Two: September 18-24

West Side Highway
In Tribeca, just north of the towers, there is constant but subdued activity. An array of organizations is represented: Secret Service, National Guard, Red Cross.
Pink bag, red cross
Reporters are everywhere, capturing moments of hope and fear and grief.

Streets are closed, streets are opened, streets are closed again.

After ten or twelve days the constant police presence begins to feel almost normal.

Checking IDs on Canal Street


National Guard tents in Battery Park

Another B+ interview

Broken windows on the world
The Pile, from Greenwich St

The acrid smell of the smoking pile is worst at night. When the wind is to the north, the fumes seep into my apartment and permeate everything.

The Pile
Raising the flag

After a full two weeks, some flags return to full mast. The pile still burns.

Union Square
Centre Street

The memorials remain, and grow.

... and the mourning
The missing ...

The Statue of Liberty
Looking across Battery Park

And I become a tourist in my own city.

New skyline