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 13 Weeks: The World Trade Center13pt

Week Eight: October 30-November 5

Above Christopher Street


Week 8 brings additional terrorist threat advisories from the government. Daily rumors spread through the city: “don’t take the subway on Saturday.”

Fort Tryon park

The A train to 190th Street arrives about the same time that firemen break through police barriers at Ground Zero, protesting cutbacks at the disaster site.

Langon Chapel

The Cloisters Museum is beautiful, as always.

Bonnefort Cloister

Canal Street

Duarte Square
This way

200 blocks to the south, the Red Cross is active, providing disaster relief from trucks, unused office space, and tents.

Ma Bell

Here Too is New York

Jihad Buster
The Towelband

New antennas appear on top of an AT&T building, replacing those that were lost on the North Tower.

No more candles

Even as the Parks Department requests an end to public memorials, organized collections of photographs draw crowds.

September 11 Photo Project

Halloween brings the first New York death by inhalational anthrax, and the 25th annual Greenwich Village parade.

Sunflowers crushed from above

Costumes reflect the tragedy in different ways.

Pray for whirled peas

Aliens love NY

MetroMan & MetroGoat

Police presence is heavy, but many officers get into the spirit of things. Cops with disposable cameras take photos of the more scantily clad revelers.


Of course, not every costume references the tragedy; one man dresses himself and his goat in suits of plastic subway cards.

A cape in Central Park

Police buffer
Mile 26

On Sunday, the New York City Marathon is run on schedule, dedicated to the heroes and fallen of the attacks.

Security is heavy along the five-borough course. Roads near the finish line are blocked by Parks Department and sanitation trucks filled with sand.

Sand trucks

Win some, lose 7

Later that night, the Yankees lose Game 7 of the World Series.