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I just stumbled upon your beautiful tribute to NYC, in which you captured the tragic events that took the Towers on September 11th.

I live in Houston now, but I spent all of my formative years growing up on the East Coast. My father worked for Ebasco for many years, and had an office on the 88th Floor of WTC. I noticed a note on your site from a woman who worked at Ebasco, on the 86th Floor-- her letter to the Towers was incredibly touching.

My stories may be saccharine, but I will share them anyhow.

Every time my parents and I would travel from our Pennsylvania home up to Connecticut or upstate New York to visit family, inevitably we would always pass the NYC skyline, and the first words out of my mouth and my mother's were "Look, it's Dad's Buildings..." Every time we would see a movie with a NYC backdrop (and how could it not contain the Twins, ever?), we would always say in unison, "Look, it's Dad's Buildings..." I can't remember a time when we DIDN'T say it, in response.

Some of my fondest memories are taking the train from Trenton (we lived across the Delaware in a little town north of Philly) to work with my father on summer days while I was still in junior high and occasionally while in high school. It was simply the coolest thing on earth to me-- even though thousands of people worked in those marvelous structures, I was beyond proud to know that my father worked in one of the most well-known buildings on the planet. I had a horrifying fear of heights, and so the elevator rides alone were enough to make me sick to my stomach. I can recall even walking into his office and plastering my face against the glass, looking straight down....... and nearly losing my breakfast. But god, what a view. I have one photo that I took while standing between the Towers and looking straight up from what is now Ground Zero-- the photo doesn't do them justice, doesn't even begin to show the enormity of their structure. I could kick myself now for never having taken a single photo from my father's office window or from the observation deck. On a clear day, you COULD see forever.

Years later, I had designs on returning to the city, perhaps to live out a bohemian existence of bars and bad poetry. I made many treks into the city with a friend of mine from college who lived in Jersey at the time. No matter where we went, those two towers were visible from any point. And I beamed right back at them. For whatever reason, I just never quite made it back after my schooling.

I still have a postcard my father sent me while I was a freshman in college--- it's a photo of the towers, with Lady Liberty in the foreground. He drew a little dot on the South Tower, and scrawled beside it against the blue sky, "If you look closely, you can see me waving..." I am so glad that I saved that battered card after all these years. I tore through boxes of things in my closet on the afternoon of September 11th like a woman possessed, and miraculously found it, then held it close, crying my eyes out.

I am selfishly glad that my father's job transferred him to Houston three years before the '93 bombing. But my pain was no less on September 11th, as I saw the second plane hit on live television. As the morning progressed, and I went to work (only across the street from NASA's Johnson Space Center), I grew increasingly agitated and afraid, and when we left work early that morning, I drove blindly to my parents' house which is about ten minutes from my home and work. I watched the rest of the second tower collapse, and I too collapsed. My heart was broken beyond repair.

I don't believe I knew any of the thousands who perished in that terrible wave of destruction-- at least, I don't think that I do. There are so many people I've lost touch with over the years, from high school and college. I pray that they are safe. One of the pilots of the planes that struck the towers was from my hometown in Pennsylvania, so to learn that fact brought it home all over again.

At any rate, to this day, I cannot watch film footage of the Towers being struck and coming down without crying. I have not been to NYC in many, many years-- the last time we passed over the city was by plane in 98, while I was traveling through New England and visiting spots all over Long Island (my birthplace, which I had not seen since I was four). I don't know that I can ever see it again without the Towers.

Thank you for creating this moving tribute. I continue to wish and pray for those who are still struggling to heal from these terrible events.

Name withheld
Houston, Texas
June 24, 2002

I was in New York last August and my family (wife , 2 girls 11&13) went up to WTC on 08/27. It was late in the afternoon and as I am a passionate photographer I was hoping for some good sunset scenes across New York from the "top of the world". The view was awesome and I can remember discussing the attack in 1993 which was tried on the WTC when we still at the bottom waiting for the elevator to take us up. One of the elevators broke down and but we then finally made to the top of the towers looking after 2 hours. We were able to look down at planes flying past. You could see into the cockpits. After the September 11 attack I have been constantly trying to follow the news as to what is going to happen with the area and then I stumbled over your web site . Your pictures bring back many thoughts about those days. I was in my company here in Germany when we had the TVs on and I first could not believe what I was hearing and seeing. I just do not understand to this day how anyone can think of such a plan and fulfill it as well. The bad thing about it is that there is always this thought about what could happen next and what other outrageous plans are in the making. I encourage you to continue this site - keep it going and document the site as it grows to whatever plans are being considered to see the changes then and future. I took back many books from New York which convey a different sense and feeling now that the towers are no longer standing. I have a picture on my desk which my daughter made and noted down with a felt pen that we all up there on in August 2001. These memories should not be forgotten - never!

Name withheld
Dresden Germany
May 24, 2002

It's May 23rd and I still can't hold my tears when I see something about September 11.

I appreciate your work, you have taught me new things, and showed me how things where from a different point of view. It's a real tragedy that will never be forgotten. You know, I'm all the way here in El Salvador Central America, but I remember that day as If I had been in New York. I first heard it on the radio, thought it was an accident. Latter, in a mall saw the TV screens and saw flames in one tower, I thought it was terrible, but I knew so little still, a few minutes latter, after I had gotten into a place to have breakfast, I noticed the text in the bottom of the screen that read "America Under Attack". I then realized both towers where in flames, I don't know for how long I just froze, I didn't touch my food, it was cold by the time I realized I still hadn't eaten. But still I never imagined what was coming. After I got out of there I saw the towers collapse, I couldn't believe what I was seeing, I had lost all track of time, I don't know if things happened slow or fast, but it was terrible. I couldn't stand it any longer, I cried, I had to sit, I just couldn't believe how someone could cause the death of so many people. Even though I've seen other stories, yours has been accurate, and still sensitive. Many others didn't show me what you have, others show things that they shouldn't, so I had to change the channel or stop reading.

I want to let you know that this project of yours is still giving you results, there are still people who can learn from you and your experience.

Name withheld
El Salvador
May 21, 2002

I am a 25 year old Wisconsinite, I have lived here my whole life. Words cannot possible explain how I feel at this very moment after viewing your web site. I was searching the web for some material relating to my job and came across your incredible web site. I know exactly where I was when the attack happened and will never forget either. I wanted so very badly to just pick up and head to New York to help in anyway I could, but stayed here in Wisconsin feeling helpless knowing so many of my fellow Americans were suffering and for me life just went on, until now. See all the pictures and reading you captions has brought back the overwelming feeling that I need to help. Thank you, Thank you so very much for reminding me of what actually happened over there and how precious our time here with our loved ones really is. I am supposed to be working, but I just absolutely had to finish seeing everything on your site. Today I am moved to tears and I have lost nothing, but all of you have lost some much, yet there you are surviving. You all are much stronger than I ever could be. God bless all of you, civilians, fireman, policeman, media, all of you deserve the same respect and admiration for showing the whole nation how strong we really can be. Word just can't explain, as the old saying goes, take a picture, it lasts longer and in this case a picture is worth a thousand words. I hope it lasts forever so we never forget. God bless America and all it stand for. WORDS JUST CAN'T EXPLAIN ENOUGH, WORDS JUST CAN'T EXPLAIN...........................

Name withheld
Appleton, Wisconsin
May 21, 2002

I am a NYC Police Officer and i was working that beautiful, bright Tuesday morning. I had just gotten my breakfast...when on the police radio...the dispatcher when on and said, " i have a level three in Manhattan a plane has just crashed into the World Trade Center"......i would never forget those words...because in a matter of minutes my life was about to change...i proceeded to go into the precinct...when moments later as we are all watching the events unfold on TV..the second planes hit the second tower....the looks on my fellow officers and mine are undescribable....as the events started to unfold even more...our police radios were full of emergency transmissions....the yelling and screaming of my fellows officers on that radios..till today still haunts me...as those buildings collapse one by one...i never imagine that i would live to ever hear a emergency broadcast message on the radio or television...but i did...that annoying beep that follows a emergency broadcast message kept beeping..but this time it just wasn't a test...it was for real....i lost a friend ...a police officer and a firefighter friends...i don't want to write to much...because till today...i still cry...i can't forget...and i won't forget....my life has forever been changed...as well as all my fellow Americans...I just pray to God..that i don't live to ever see anything like that Tuesday of Sept. 11....as the weeks follow...i worked long and tiring hours both at ground zero and the fresh kill...land fill...where the debri was being taken to be sort out ....till today i still work both places...it's been overwhelming...but then rewarding...to know that i have been doing everything in my power to help families find closure of their loves ones...and for the first time in 9 years...i am happy to say ..that i am proud to be a NYC Police Officer...thank you America for all the support that has been shown to us....may we all live in a peaceful and happier world....God Bless..........

Name withheld
New York, New York
May 21, 2002

I've never been to New York and I never saw the World Trade Centers. I'm a junior at Jackson High School. On September 11th I was in school, 3rd period when I heard. One of our administraters came in our classroom and whispered something in my teacher's ear. I had never seen any expression more serious than the ones on their faces. We were the first class to turn the TVs on. We saw a smoking building. We heard the words "terrorists, tradgedy, worst attack since pearl harbor, the towers have collapsed, we've just heard that people were still in the building." We all sat for the next hour in silence, in shock. We read the captions on the bottom. We listened to the reporters. We whispered comments to each other. We saw one of our classmates run to the office to call home and see if they heard from their aunt who was supposed to be there. We heard the intercom advise everybody to turn on their TVs to channel 3. We watched the towers fall. It was not a replay on the TV. It was when it actually happened. We sat in lunch talking about what happened. We continued to watch the TV during school. We were not called off to go home. The next day we went to school. It was different, but we continued. We went on with our lives, but kept our eyes open to danger. That day I didn't know what to say to people. I didn't know if I should even talk. There were no words, only emotions. I felt scared, threatened, overwhelmed, but also happy that I wasn't there, that I didn't know anybody directly involved. I felt all I could for everybody else. Anybody who was there or knew somebody that was there. I prayed. I was involved in dedication posters. I contributed anything I could. I teared, but I never cried. Not once did I fully come out and cry until I saw your web page. I knew of the towers, but I never saw personal photographs. I knew people had flags, I did too, but I never saw them waving in New York. I knew of the memorials, but I had never seen the actual ones like the ones you took pictures of. I knew 9-11 affected everybody, but I never read about a New Yorker's life there. I never heard of people cheering whenever a military vehicle came. I never saw the memorials created by people even children. I never really looked at the pictures, because they were magazine, newspaper pictures. Yours were real. Yours had life. Yours made me see what I was missing. From 9-11 to right before I saw your webpage I felt guilty because I never knew the entire magnitude of the disaster. I saw your pictures, I read your webpage, I know, the closest I can, what it was like. You saw the towers collapse. You saw the people running. You heard the screams. I can never be there, but now I know what I was missing. Thank you for helping me.

Name withheld
May 19, 2002

You've done an incredible job creating this site. The photos are touching and emotionally stirred me again, remembering the silence hours after I arrived to do something to help. I remember it all too clearly. Most of all though I remember the one person we found in the pile of debris at around 0330 on the morning of the 12th. I will always have that in my mind but I will never know who it was. I only wish I had taken something to bring to the family to let them know. My deepest condolences to each family. I am a former Marine and I was fortunate to able to go and help and do something in the midst of the anger and disbelief. I was quickly reminded of the price freedom has for the people of this country. For many men and women of our military, it has cost them their life to defend what has been and always will be, One Nation Under God.

May God comfort us in all of our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.

Name withheld
New York, New York
May 17, 2002

I first off wanted to thank you for your incredible documentation of the tragic events of 9-11-01. Your perspective on the happenings gave me new insight as to the damage done by these horrible acts. Although I've had the opportunity to visit Washington D.C. in my college years, I've not had the opportunity to visit NYC. As a native Texan, I guess in some ways you could say that the big city sort of scared me. I don't really know why considering I now reside in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex.

I am an amateur photographer as well as an anthropologist, and your photos brought reactions from both of these as well as my basic human side. They are of excellent quality and composition, especially the comparison pictures. You also compared your life in and around New York with other facets of your life, giving me questions regarding the different cultures both within NYC itself, and regarding the uniqueness of NYC compared to other large city cultures. And lastly, you showed both the good and not so good sides of humanity, something we each should be reminded of in order to maintain perspective.

As you have shared so much with the rest of the world, I would like to take a moment to share with you where I was during that fateful day. We (my husband and I) only recently had moved to D/FW in July prior to the attacks. My husband had taken a trip back to College Station, TX for a football game at Texas A&M the weekend before, and had stayed an extra day in order to spend time with friends. We also had some new "arrivals" in the house. We had been caring for three 3-week old kittens that had been abandoned in our apartment complex. I had just finished with their morning feeding when a friend of mine called. He asked if I had the TV on, I said no. He said to turn on the TV, and put it on CNN. I did as he asked, and sat in horror, and watched as the second plane hit the WTC. I could not believe it. Like most of the nation, I was in complete shock. It was at this time that I noticed something. We live in the direct flight path of D/FW Airport, and had gotten quite used to hearing the sounds of air traffic throughout the day. There was silence. Nothing. I had just then realized the familiar sounds of the planes were gone. It was at that moment that I realized the severity of what had happened. I first called my father, and a couple of other friends, and then tried reaching my husband. His cell phone was off. Fortunately, I was able to get hold of the friend where he was staying. They were all still asleep, and knew nothing of the tragedy at hand. I had to be the one to tell him what had happened, and to turn on the TV. When he finally got home, we sat for a very long time, and just held each other.

Since that time, there have been good times and bad times in my life as there is with all people. However, whenever I am feeling down, I remember those who lost loved ones during September 11, and I realize that my life is very easy compared to them. I am thankful every day for what I have, and I sincerely wish the most love possible for the survivors and families who lost so much. So for you, I say Thank You, for showing me a bit of your life, and opening a doorway into something we all should remember.

Name withheld
Grand Prairie, Texas
May 11, 2002

I just returned from NYC this Wednesday and cannot keep myself off the web visiting sites that will let me hold on to the energy of having been there. I live in Chicago and was moved by the photos you've posted of our city that you took while away on your break.

I was horrified to learn of both towers being hit while in traffic on my way to work on Sept. 11th. When I heard the first tower collapsed, I felt like I was having a bad dream and had to drive to the nearest Amerisuites to see it for myself on the lobby tv. Having been to NYC in April of last year, I vividly remembered eating pizza at Sbarro on the "cheezy" observation floor of the WTC. Little did I know it would be gone in six months. I even held off on taking pictures because I was alone and thought I'd just wait til my next visit when I have someone to get into goofy poses with. Low and behold my next visit was to ground zero last Friday. Somehow I felt no need to take pictures; It seemed disrespectful to those who died to be a lame picture taking tourist at their grave site. I just walked around viewing the signs, stuffed animals and poetry on the fencing around the site and looked up at the empty space where the towers used to stand. Although I had been exposed to endless news footage of this sight, standing in front of it made me want to cry. It was wonderful to FEEL what a genuinelly tough, vibrant and resilliant city New York continues to be. I plan on visiting as often as I can.

Back home in Chicago yesterday, I was driving up Lake Shore drive looking up at the Hancock and almost felt survivor's guilt. I know we can be the next target, but I refuse to walk down the streets of my city and think of it as anything other than my comfortable home. What a magnificent country we live in! I will never take it for granted again.

Name withheld
Chicago, Illinois
April 26, 2002

I've been talking to my friend while viewing your site and I felt that New York is somewhere I would love to come and see but feel that I could not visit the area of ground zero. I'm not trying to dismiss what has happened at all but I feel there have been people going along to look for the wrong reasons, apart from those that were there on the day and were trying to take in what had happened. Lets hope there is a great future for the site of the towers and we can stop calling it ground zero.

Name withheld
West Yorkshire, England
April 12, 2002

i was searching tonight on the wonderful internet for a certian photo of where the top of the south tower is beginning to fall off the building. i still haven't found it. i tried lots of pictures and photos of 9/11/01, wtc etc and came upon your site, the sheer number of pictures was fantastic. my first date on top of the tower 11/9/90 (see my play on numbers?) and then when i came to times square 1999/2000 mil. party. however, my tip of manhattan camera was lost when i got out of the taxi at laguardia airport. ever since then i have been going crazy trying to recapture what i lost. then the injury happened. your shots down canal street and or broadway just has me sitting at the computer table with tears running silent down my face and letting more of my pain out. i thought i was over this or like president bush said "get on with your life". there is much that living here in minneapolis does not permit me to experience like those on the east coast and that too drives me crazy. what causes me pain now is when it snows so hard that the buildings in my downtown area get blocked by the blowing snow. i close my eyes and pretend i am there when the cloud of dust begins and people are running everywhere. even in a minneapolis snow, i pretend i even have a concept of that dust and what that contained and smelled like. i don't know. there is much i don't know by being here about that injury. preparation for what's next... how? the only thing i know is God is the same yesterday and today. God takes my ignorance and helps fill in the emptiness by pictures like yours and the before and after comparisons.

thanks for helping let out some of what's left inside my heart tonight. may your other viewers be blessed and healed.
God help us one person at a time to reach out in love and not hate.
peace from wet face tonight here in my city.

Name withheld
Minneapolis, Minnesota
April 10, 2002

I'm 24 years old, married and raising a beautiful, now 9 month old baby boy! What should be the happiest time of my life seems to be clouded with fear and sadness at our loss of so many beautiful lives. This is the first time I have visited this website. I think I've been wating till I thought I could better handle it! But I find myself just as awed by the whole experience as I was the day it happened! And still filled with as much fear, humbleness and tears. All it takes is one missing person picture, one photo with two tall voids and the tears start all over again! I feel an unmistakable ache for all the lost loved ones! Can't imagine being without my husband, son, daughter, or any of the other loves of my life! I pray every day for all those who lost someone, or gave their time, sweat, and tears to helping us go on another day! I pray that the wounds can be healed, and the anger set aside so we can one day feel good about going on in this world!

Name withheld
Prescott Valley, Arizona
April 4, 2002

Your pictures really have alot of emotion in them....its really really sad about what happen, i spent the whole day today looking at pictures of the wtc and reading articles about how people survived the terror. I cant really imagin what happened, but i can sort of feel it. I remember when it happened, I was sitting in class and a teacher came in, it was almost the end of class and she came in and told the class the two airplanes hit the twin towers in New York...everyone was like, whats the twin towers...like whatever who cares....I think I and some other people in the class were the only one that were like....oh my god, really ?

Firstly i thought two small planes with no people hit the towers....by 11:00am I was listening to the radio in class and heard that 2 jetlines full of people hit the towers and that the towers collapsed....a miniute later i heard on the radio that 2 other planes were hijacked and one hit the pentagon....everyone in class was really scared....the CN Tower here in Toronto closed right away as emergency precaution...By the end i was talking to god, and I asked him...Why?

Im really sorry for what happened and I wish i could turn back time and let it not happen, I really wish that could happen...

Name withheld
Toronto, Ontario
March 17, 2002

I am a 16 year old girl, and I have just got done viewing your website. I can't thank you enough for putting up those pictures. They made me think back to that day, and the position that I was faced with as well. I almost lost my mother, my brother, and my aunt that day. My mom was heading righting to the world trade center right before the first plane hit, and my brother was there when the first plane hit. It's a day that has affected everyone, and I know no one will ever forget it. My heart and condolences go out to all the people that are reading this, and were involved with 9-11. I'm sorry, and just know that everyone that was invovled, or was effected by 9-11 are in my prayers. Mister, I don't know your name, but your website has helped me really realize and understand all that has happened. What happened to the World Trade Center didn't really affected me until March-11-2002. When I went up to see the two lights standing up high. Ever since I was a little girl my mom use to take me to the world trade, and I use to go there everyyear. Many times per year, and I remember them both so perfectly. I remember where all the stores were, and where all the stores outside were. Thankyou for posting these pictures up. I don't go a day without remembering what has happened to the two towers that I adored since I was a little girl.

Name withheld
Hoboken, New Jersey
March 16, 2002

I feel sorry about what happened to the people in World Trade Center. Muslims can be good or bad because they are human. However, the religion of Islam is always good because it is issued by the creator of all human beings to all human beings until the day which life in this earth will end. Human beings will be asked about what they did during their lives on the earth, so humans should do good things not bad things like killing others without having the right to do so. I understand the people around the world. I hope all people in the world be happy. I hope we live in peace.

Name withheld
March 16, 2002

I will never forget that day. I was on duty at the American Airlines Hangar at Miami international Airport. That morning the Aircraft Maintenance duty was light when the news came in - we actually new at an instant that it was one of our planes which struck the North Tower from information received from Tulsa that day.

At the time before it all started we were watching Good Morning America when the program was interrupted. Then a few minutes later what I did see next was just surreal.. Even today as I see a 767 in the Hangar and walk through it's cabin, I can't imagine what the seen must have been like when it all took place. There is just no words.

Yet in all, there is such a close relationship considering I used to live in New York, and had been many times at the World Trade Center during it initial stages of construction and after it was completed. Other times I used to go to the 92 floor where my mother used to work over ten years a go on Tower One. Like many of us, who would have thought........

Name withheld
Miami, Florida
March 11, 2002

First of all I would like to say that I thought that your web site was really helpful to put life back into perspective (somewhat). The day of the attack I was at work just going on a break when I passed the TV in the cafeteria. At first I thought it was an airplane crash. But as I continued to walk toward the door I hear what was going on. My first thought was that I had heard wrong so I continued to listen. Then I understood what was going on so I ran to the phone to call my husband so he could find his brother who lives and works in NY, NY. Thank GOD he is alright. Because I work in a federal building in Canada we where right away evacuated and had no way to go home because all bridges were shut down to. Later that night My children were happy and relieved to see me and I was happy to embrace my family. My 10 year old daughter asked me why would someone be so mean and to hurt people like that. I had no answer for her since I could not understand myself. I still can't understand why someone do that or be so hateful. As a Canadian I am raising my children to love, honor and respect your fellow human being. Everything I have thought my 6 children all there live has been brought into question in a very sick and violent way. I would like to thank you for putting this web site together so people like myself can heal and maybe understand this whole thing a little bit better.

Name withheld
March 8, 2002

Good evening from Jerusalem!

I hear loud gun battles going on outside our windows from neighbouring Gilo, while looking at your site, I feel not only a great sadness, but a very real sense of deja-vous.... We have our " mini" world trade centres" daily here in Israel, but unfortunately we are no strangers to them, and I feel so deeply for poor America having to deal with this agony as well. As I child , I lived in New York, waited in line to go up the Towers when they opened( so proud of our cities even newest wonder). Whenever we have a really bad terrorist attack here, I get calls from America" Are you and the kids ok? nothing happened? thank god"

Having to do the same to my relatives in New York was heart breaking...

As bad as it is here, I always thought that at least in America, normalcy prevailed, and suicide terrorist attacks just not a remote possibility.

All I know, is that just as we will stand " eitan"( strong) through this darkness, America will as well, and one day we will ALL go into the light

All the best, and shalom

Name withheld
March 1, 2002

I hope all is well with you. I fumbled upon your website and was really taken back by some of the pictures and messages. I am glad that you are okay and I hope your losses are healing with time. I lost a person that was very dear to me and it and stings every day. Patrick Michael Aranyos worked at EuroBrokers on the 84th floor of tower 2, he was a college roommate and recently a groomsman in my wedding. I am now at the point where looking at picture of 9-11 does not hurt as much but reminds me of all of the good times I had with Pat. I guess that is supposed to happen when you grieve a loss over time.

Very inspiring and touching,

Name withheld
Boston, Massachusetts
February 19, 2002

13 Days/Weeks is unbelievable. It captures those days in such a vivid sensual way... I was taken back there, smelling the smoke [especially after it rained], feeling the eerily perfect sunny day, blue blue sky, the empty streets, the what next... Weeks brings back how long and drawn out the aftermath was. Really hits at the gut. Many of the photos are also just beautiful.

And the comments from all over the world. It's incredible. I'm forwarding the link around. I'm sure my friends will appreciate it.

Name withheld
New York, New York
February 15, 2002

Dear Sir,

I would like to thank you for your pictures/ web site. I am active duty Navy and was at sea on a submarine at the time of the attacks. A friend of mine who is an NYC firefighter told me about your site saying that it was well put together and had some good pics. I whole-heartedly agree. We did not get pictures while underway and it is hard to describe what it is like to come back to a world where everyone's reality has changed except your own. Your pictures helped me realize what everyone else was seeing/ hearing and going through. Our world consisted of the same view and actions we perform daily and responses we practice for regularly. I have heard more than once that others wish they had been in our situation, but rest assured that for those of us with friends and relatives in the NYC area and no way to contact them, it was possibly the most stressful time of our careers.

Anyway, thanks again.

Name withheld
Naval Submarine Support Facility, New London, Connecticut
February 5, 2002

I would like to thank you for your pictures/ web site. I am active duty Navy and was at sea on a submarine at the time of the attacks. A friend of mine who is an NYC firefighter told me about your site saying that it was well put together and had some good pics. I whole-heartedly agree. We did not get pictures while underway and it is hard to describe what it is like to come back to a world where everyone's reality has changed except your own. Your pictures helped me realize what everyone else was seeing/ hearing and going through. Our world consisted of the same view and actions we perform daily and responses we practice for regularly. I have heard more than once that others wish they had been in our situation, but rest assured that for those of us with friends and relatives in the NYC area and no way to contact them, it was possibly the most stressful time of our careers.

Name withheld
February 5, 2002


Thank you for your web site. I worked in the South Tower on the 86th floor. I left many years ago, and have regretted it ever since. I adored the Twin Towers. When I heard about what happened to my dear twins I went into the bathroom and nearly vomited.

Personally, I agree with former Mayor Ed Koch. "Rebuild them just the way they were." However, I think we must be ginger with the timing. Wait three years, begin rebuilding them, but within each tower should be a memorial. Those who worked in South Tower will have a "Memorial Room" for praying, grieving, remembering. The same in North tower. I would not like to see the memorial outside because I would not want the weather to harm it.

Would I work in them again? YES, YES, I say YES. I would rather die working in the Twin Towers in New York, than live my life out in California. I would have rather died of cancer than to have ever moved out here. That's how much I miss New York. Today, I am angry and feel despair and overwhelming loss and hopelessness; other days I am more able to say something more soothing. Thank you for reading what I have to say. I say bring the towers back because not to do so is to acquiesce to terrorism. Call them "The Memorial Twin Towers" and make them the sacred towers they deserve to be.

Perhaps by working in them people will stop hating and blaming God and choose instead to grow closer to him. It was not God who did this, but evil people. I do not want to understand them. To understand them is to excuse and embrace the evil that guided them.

I hope you receive this from me. It is my Tribute to the Twin Towers. Please feel free to post it.

Name withheld
January 25, 2002

I grew up in Jersey City. As a little girl I watched the building of the World Trade Center. I fondly remember watching the huge yellow tarp (that was several stories high) move higher and higher up the buildings-- and then it was gone and they were completed.

Like many folks from Jersey, I commuted to Manhattan through the World Trade Center for years. I worked downtown for a while, so I spent many hours shopping in the concourse. I enjoyed one of my all time favorite meals in Windows On The World.

Although I now live in Birmingham, Alabama I return to New York several times each year. One of the most welcoming sights during the landing in Newark or on the approach at LaGuardia was the World Trade Center, especially at night when it glistened like diamonds.

The devastation of September 11th is something that I will never get over.. My fear at knowing who I knew that was killed in the collapse took me weeks to face. Fortunately, I only knew one person who perished, which I consider to be miraculous. So many good people who were just going to work, minding their own business. What insanity that this simple act provoked such rage and revulsion among those sick twisted terrorists.

Your 13 Days and 13 Weeks collections are so poignant. They say more than simple words ever could. Thank you for providing a voice for the silent and giving the world an opportunity to experience the horror, courage and remarkable spirit of New York.

Name withheld
Birmingham, Alabama
January 22, 2002

I haven't gone a day without thinking of what happened in New York and how it has affected the world. I remember a few days after 9-11 when I was seeing my 5 year old daughter. We went outside and she told me that when it snows this year she's going to eat some. Last year I kept telling her not too but now... I can't wait to go outside and eat snow with her... sounds stupid. But everyday is more important to me now. I feel so much more alive and lucky for everything I can experience...

Name withheld
January 18, 2002

Dear Mr. Corum:

On behalf of everyone at United, I thank you for your continued support in the midst of ongoing changes in air travel. United is dedicated to ensuring safe, reliable and comfortable air travel. We are working hard on every front to implement meaningful security measures and make the travel process as easy as possible for you. Today, I'd like to bring two important items to your attention:

New Checked Baggage Security

On Jan. 18, 2002, we begin more comprehensive security screening processes for checked baggage. We are using a combination of passenger bag matching, manual searching, explosive-sniffing dogs and explosive-detection technology. By law, airlines are required to provide 100 percent baggage screening using one of these approved methods on each checked bag.

During the past several years, United has invested in laser bag tag scanners and boarding pass gate readers. Our new technology will help us in this advanced security effort.

New Security Fee

With the U.S. government and the airlines intensely focused on increased air travel security, many new initiatives are taking place in our airports and on board our aircraft. To pay for additional security and law enforcement staff, procedures and equipment, the U.S. Congress enacted the "September 11 Security Fee," as it is officially called.

For tickets sold beginning Feb. 1, 2002, United, along with all U.S. and international airlines, is required to collect a US$2.50 fee for each flight segment on your itinerary that boards in the United States.

Thank you for taking the time to read these updates. I hope that you have found this e-mail helpful. All of us at United truly appreciate your business and are committed to providing the best possible service every time you fly with us.

Kindest regards,

United Airlines
January 18, 2002

I just wanted to let you know that your website is superb in it's dedication and rememberance of the WTC and all the people who lost their lives that day in September 2001. Just like all Americans, your neighbours to the North, all across Canada, grieve with you; remember with you; and fight terrorism with you. I remember the day it happened: exactly one week after my son was born As I was caring for him, broadcasts came on the television like some sort of movie. Could it be true? CNN covered the story so well (I watched for about 6 days straight). I will always know how long it has been since the attack on America: however old my son is, plus one week. What a world for him to grow up in.

Name withheld
Ontario, Canada
January 16, 2002

i am comforted to note that in reference to your site's list of comments, i am not the last person in america still sad and obsessing over 9-11. the simplist and slightest reference to the carnage and inhumanity of that day still reduces me to tears that i can never adequately explain to those around me. the violence was too swift, too simple and too clean.

i have travelled by air twice in the wake of the attack, and in airport bars have never seen a patron refuse the offer of an upgrade to a double before boarding. it is absolute sickness.

nyc has always been my true north for misunderstood youth, sincere culture and understanding of the pain of the plebian trappings of america boiling under stunted suburban youth.

and now, all my jaded gen-x rumblings quelled by commercial jetliners, i can see nothing but a naked skyline, feel nothing but a hollow in my heart scooped out by the serrated blindness of fanatical rage.

i will never forget this, and never again feel adequate enough to stand against injustice and prejudice.

were their war against me alone, they have won.

Name withheld
January 15, 2002


I read your entire documentary and I must say you hit the nail right on the head. You not only brought out my emotions all over again, but you didn't miss a beat in your presentation....and I stand and applaud you for that.

I was born and raised in NYC, currently living in Philadelphia, I was at a training class for work in Dallas, TX on 9/11/01. When I heard of the attacks, I held my face in my hands and cried like a baby.

No one else in my training class was from the northeast area, or had family there, as I do, some of which worked within a few blocks from the WTC. I'm going to have to guess that my classmates didn't feel the 'pain' as much as I did because of the fact that 'THEY HURT MY HOME'.

*On that note*...it's obvious my plane home was cancelled and since my parents lived in Denver, CO, at the time, I decided to drive myself there to stay with them until I can get home to Philly. I left Dallas on Thursday afternoon 9/13/01, and on my way to Denver, I had the radio on, listening to many different talk shows along the way...all in which spoke of the WTC Attacks and had callers call in to give their views and comments. One show that still stands out in my mind was somewhere in northern Texas....Would you believe NOT ONE person who called in understood the fact that it was THEIR COUNTRY that was attacked.

The callers 'felt bad for the New Yorkers'.

As a New Yorker, hearing those words completely touched a nerve that just because it didn't happen to THEIR state, it wasn't all that big of a deal. I was AMAZED how these callers reacted.

Maybe it's true that it's just simply hard to actually believe that it REALLY did happen and the pictures seem to fictitious. Maybe every one of the 'non-believers' need to take a ride to NYC and see the impact it really did have on most Americans, not just New Yorkers.

Americans are all one, and it doesn't matter if they are in Seattle or a block away from Ground Zero....we should all be in it until the very end.... I hope at least ONE of those callers read my letter....maybe then they will now buy a ticket to NYC....and feel the 'pain' like the rest of us did...and still do.

Thank you...

Name withheld
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
January 15, 2002

Hello, I am 13 years of age. I am yet so small but I feel so much. I have a connection with the WTC buildings. I was no where near when it happened, but my BEST friends mom was on the 87th floor of the 2nd building. I am hurt by this. I know everybody is. I have posted my comments on EVERY site I have found about this. I did nothing but cry when I saw those pictures. It is horrible and although ppl have moved on a little, it is still with me like it was yesterday. I will never forget. I have sat around cring and looking at these sites. I taped EVERY bit of the news and I wll just sit around and watch those tapes. If you don't post this, that is fine I just had to write you and tell you I loved your site.

Name withheld
January 11, 2002

I came upon your website this evening as I sit in Yoyogi, Tokyo, Japan. I am a freelance photojournalist and independent documentary producer. I was quite moved by your site and commend you on it. Incidentally, I was covering the tragedy down at the WTC on Sept. 11, I arrived moments after the second plane hit, and was standing right across the street from the WTC, just north of the bridge in front of One World Financial when it collapsed. I luckily survived, don't ask me how.

I thought I would send some pictures for you:

01) Where I was standing seconds before the first collapse, ran toward One Financial, hit the wall with a large group of NYPD, FDNY, EMS, trapped against the glass, a cop shot the window out and we bailed into the lobby to escape...

02) The hole we emerged out of One World, south side, this fireman was in bad shape...

03) This fireman was in even worse shape as I recall, don't think he made it...

04) ...the Wasteland, before the 2nd tower collapsed, not a good place to be walking around stunned with a video camera...

05) I found this fountain behind the Financial Center and tried to clear my eyes and nose from the choking ash and debris.

Take care folks, and again outstanding job with your 13 Weeks and 13 Days, it was truly amazing.

Joseph McCarthy
Tokyo, Japan
January 7, 2002

Joseph, thanks so much for your incredible images. I was only a dozen blocks away while you were taking these, but looking at your pictures it’s clear you were in, and escaping from, a completely different world. –JC

Its been 3 1/2 months and I still cannot see pictures without feeling such anguish and sadness that I feel like my heart will burst. I was home that fateful day and watched it from the beginning. When the second plane crashed into the WTC my knees buckled and I was crying and praying at the same time. I feel to my knees at that time and prayed desperately to God for the people in the towers, their families and friends, and all of us left living. My son called me from Florida, I live in Clifton Park, NY and asked me if I was okay and where my husband was? He was afraid for us even though we are 3 hours from NYC. Then my Mom called , who is also in Florida, and my sister, who is Minnesota. We all cried and we prayed together for those lost and those who lost loved ones and for those of us who remained to bear this terrible tragedy. Thank you for the pictures. I don't know why I torture myself by looking up these things on the net. I guess I want to remember so I can go on living and not take it all for granted anymore. God Bless America. God Bless the families and the children left behind. God Bless the souls of our heroes and may he keep them close to him in the kingdom of heaven.

Name withheld
Clifton Park, New York
January 4, 2002

I was writing to you to just thank you for taking the time on this page. I have read every single post on the message board and it touches me that people all around the world are taking the time and e-mailing you. I remember the day when it happened. I came home from school and after my mom told me i thought she was joking. It was that unbelievable. After that i turned on the news and i cried. I cried for about an hour. I was so scared because my cousin worked in the 2nd Tower. He's fine, but he walked all the way to Queens to my Nana's house. When my other uncle picked him up the day later, he was in shock and didn't know what had happened. It's just like in Pearl Harbour. This is the kind of thing you only read about from the past. But it feels so weird to know how the people back then felt. This is the kind of thing that your grandchildren will ask you about. And like you said, they'll ask you if you remember where you were, and how you felt. And i remember, we went to Ground Zero the day after Christmas, the 26th, and it was still crowded, with every kind of race. That is what makes us special, is that America is all mixed together, and even the people from other countries that come here, they are Americans, too. I saw this commercial that showed all kinds of people from different states, and at the end it said, "On September 11, 2001, all Americans became New Yorkers," and that made me very proud. I better not talk so much anymore, because i have some really good poems that i would like to share that i got through e-mails:

The Binch

That is my favorite one especially the last few verses. Here is another one about the flag:

Old Glory

I have both of these printed out and in my notebook at school. Whenever i read them i still get shivers up my spine. It makes me proud to live in such a free country and so proud and able that noone can defeat us. The Taliban thought that if they killed our buildings, they also thought that they'd kill our spirits. But all it has done is made us prouder and stronger than before. And you really can't smash the towers we hold deep inside. It's more than anyone could guess. That's why i am so proud. Yes, this is a bit longer than i would have thought, but i hope you still share it with everyone else that has veiwed your site. Thankyou.

Name withheld
12 years old
Amityville, Long Island, New York, USA!!!
December 31

Hello, Im from Kentucky, and almost 15. I found your website to be one of the best I've seen. September 11 is a day stuck in my mind. Not a day goes by in which I dont think about it. I have family that lives only but a mile from the wtc. I will always remember that day as I was sitting in my art class and the principal came over the intercom, "As everyone knows a tradgedy has taken place in America today. We would like all teachers to turn on your televisions to CNN." I had not heard what happened yet until the tv was turned on. My heart dropped to my stomach. This is a day I will always remember. And I thank you for taking your time to make this website. The pictures are some of the best I've seen. Thank you.

Name withheld
December 30

I just had to write and thank you for your 13 Days/13 Weeks pictorials. The side-by-side Week 1/Week 13 pictures were particularly moving. I saw the destruction from the NJ Turnpike and later from my office in Newark. Even though I saw the before and after with my own eyes, I still can't process the images burned into my memory as real. Looking at your pictures was difficult, but also cathartic. I just wanted you to know that your work is wonderful and appreciated.

Name withheld
Piscataway, New Jersey
December 28

absolutely fabulous! i love the comparisons.....makes me sick to my stomach, but i need the pain..i need the pics you are posting. SO MUCH THANKS! and i love the different views....not jus the basics.......

on christmas day, did you go down? i had too - that self inflicting pain is good for the soul........... i truly hope you keep up with that site....... it is soooo appreciated here in queens. :-)

hope you had a beautiful holiday

Name withheld
Queens, New York
December 27

I wanted to express my appreciation to you for your website. It seems the tragedy was slipping from my mind until I saw a news clip of a recently released police video from a police helicopter last night. The helicopter was trying to reach the trapped people on the rooftops of the World Trade Center Towers. I could see them huddling at the center of the rooftop. They appeared to be praying. I immediately recalled the collapsing towers in my mind. That clip brought it all home again. Although the news clip reopened my wound I am grateful to feel the grief as I had on 9/11. I can see in my mind the victims on the rooftops as the buildings started to collapse. My God! I write this as I fight back the tears.

I was curious to see pictures and footage that I might have missed thus far. I decide to browse the web for more information and that is when I found your web site.

I don't have much to say. My grief keeps me silent as I ponder this terrible incident. I refuse to call this a tragedy because it was not an accident. It was a deliberate attack and I WILL NOT water down this event by calling it a tragedy.

All I really want to say is:

I live in Chicago. I drive past the Sears Tower every day on my way to work. To this day I still look up at the Sears Tower as I pass by and try to imagine the same thing happening here. I can't! I can't get my mind to comprehend it. I just cannot envision such a thing. I realize what New Yorker's have witnessed was so (I don't know how to put what I feel in words. Words are not enough.) If I can't even imagine it how can I comprehend what you and your neighbors have seen and been through?

God Bless The Victims, their families, the survivors, the rescuers, and your city is in my prayers.

Name withheld
Chicago, Illinois
December 20

Very cool stuff on the 13 weeks. And you've got a hot family. Can I date one of your brothers?

Name withheld
Brooklyn, New York
December 18

I visited your collection of memories, past and present, from September 11th the other day. I have to tell you that I was touched by your outlook on the whole event. It showed that it was a real day in the history of humanity and not some special movie effect produced by some hollywood director. It helped me come to realize the effect of it all. I am one that cries simply by watching films in which people are hurt. So, this day called September 11th made my heart heaviest. I think of the thousands that lost their lives when a evil man carried out a hideous plan. I watched in horror, from my one bedroom apartment in Canada, as the second plane hit the second tower of the World Trade Center. I couldn't imagine being in that or any of the other planes as the sruck their indented targets. I couldn't imagine being within the targets, that being in New york or in Washington. We must remember that innocent lives were lost in the nations capitol and the empty field in PA, as well. I commend the heros of not only the flight that came to its end in PA, but I commend the bravery and courage of all the innocents that died that day.

I am a 21 year old Canadian Woman who stands by you America. The world is with you. My small city of seventy thousand or so lies on the border of your country. I remember the night of the attack. I experienced emotion as I never had before. We held a candle light vigil under the twin bridges and shone a spotlight on America. Grown Canadian men were yelling, "We love you America" and chanting, "USA, USA, USA". People were honking their horns and shining their lights. The American coast guard then came to a hault in the middle of the water and with their lights on yelled across the loudspeaker, "Thankyou Canada, our brothers and sisters, for your support." I guess it was one of those things where you had to be there.

America, I just wanted to let you know that in my heart there are no borders between us. We love you and support you. Our hearts have and will always be with you.

Name withheld
December 15

I'm a middle school student form China.And today,I have visited your website.I was so moving.From you,I think I really learned a lot.Thank you!..Thank you for your excellent website.I'm with you.
Good luck!

Name withheld
December 14

I went to ground zero for the first time Sunday, December 09th: somehow bittersweet. Bitter with the memories of the days and lives lost, bitter with the memorials left by children for their missing parents, bitter for all those who have lost and come to pay their respects.

Yet sweet in that the city is alive and vibrant, children are walking their dogs, the streets and buildings surrounding ground zero are remarkably clean, sweet with the success of a gargantuan human initiative underway, sweet in how respectful and accommodating all people are to each other.

Name withheld
December 12

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